Interior Products

Interior products

Over the past years I have designed and produced several products. For some designs the process stopped at the prototype, other designs are now produced in small series and are included in the webshop. Some products unsuitable for a webshop are available, please contact by phone or email. Sometimes custom orders are possible, when it comes to odd sizes for example.


The 'z-table' is a small side table, handmade from a single piece of zinc plated sheetmetal. Assembled with the zinc plated tubes the construction obtains it rigidity. This table will fit in many interiors and is easily moved by the extending handle.
Dimensions are (lxwxh): 36x36x38/55cm , weight is approx. 5 kg.

Retail price : € 175,00 incl. 21% VAT, ex shipping

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De 'T-Lamp' is een hanging lamp in a Trapezium-shaped form, handmade from mostly zinc plated sheetmetal. Therefore this has an industrial appearance, and will fit in many interiors.

Inside the lamp we find the stainless steel armature with three E27-fittings. These lightsources will lighten the layered milky-glass at the bottom side as well as the ceiling through the open upper side. De current wire runs throug the zinc plated tube towards the matching ceiling box in which all the electronic connections can be hidden.

 The dimensions of the lamp are: (lxwxh): 125x22x25cm, the weight is approx. 7 kg. De ceiling box measures approx. 70x20x2cm.

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The Spindle

'TheSpindle' is a special bookshelf or presentation unit, which can be composed according to the owner's preference and needs.

De central spindle can be positioned and clamped between the floor and ceiling, by means of a nonvisible extension system. Therefore this unit can be positioned at any desired location, including non-obvious locations, such as on- or in corners. The book-carriers are clamped around the central spindle, at any desired height or direction. It's obvious that the layout of this bookshelf can always be altered, resulting in a personal piece.

 This bookshelf is handmade from stainless steel, with a brushed finish. The bookcarriers have a unique form, and are able to carry a lot of weight..

Prices vary, depending on the composition, from € 2050,00

Download here the product-leaflet (dutch only, for now).

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The camlight is a table/desk lamp, handmade from different kinds of metal: cast iron, polished stainless steel, copper and zinc plated sheet. All these components are connected in a traditional way.

The lampbase is a well used camshaft from a car or lorry, therefore every lamp is unique in shape and size. The shade adds a twist to the archetype lampshade and comes in two sizes: L and M, suiting the size of the camshaft. The copper tube leads the current wire to the lamp socket.

Dimensions shade L: height 25 cm, diameter from 25/35cm to 15cm.
Dimensions shade M: heigth 21 cm, diameter from 21/30cm to 13cm.

A composition can be made of the base S(40cm), M(50cm) en L(60cm) combined with the shade (M/L).


retail prices incl. 21% VAT, ex shipping:

Base + shade M : € 385,00

Base M + shade M: € 389,00

Base M + shade L: € 395,00

Base L + shade L: € 399,00

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The Camcandle

The CamCandle is a candlestick with a history, handmade and based on a well used camshaft from a car of lorry.
De base is made of mirror polished stainless steel, as well as the fitting for the candle, approx. 22mm diameter.

Every candlestick therefore has a unique shape, and comes in three heights: 40, 50 and 60cm.

retail prices incl. 21% VAT, ex shipping:

Size S (40cm hoog) : € 119,00

Size M (50cm hoog): € 125,00

Size L (60cm hoog): € 129,00

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The Evolamp's design is inspired by the Evoluon-building in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The UFO-appearance of this building captures the imagination, and I think it can also perform this function in some interiors or public space.

This lamp is handformed out of aluminium and stainless steel sheet. Depending on the used bulb, the lamp projects a nice sight on the walls and ceiling, or just more quiet and diffuse.

Two version are available for the Evolamp: -The pendant light has a large round aperture at the bottom, projecting reading or focus light for example. It comes with a large round handmade aluminium ceiling cap, to store the cables, connectors and cover the electric ceilingbox.
-The ceiling light is 'clicked' on a matching fixture, pre-mounted to the ceiling. This lamp is 'closed' to give a nice moodlight. In fact, it is the pendant light, but upside-down!

Size: diameter 50cm, height 18cm, weight 1,8kg.
Material: aluminium and stainless steel.

order in the shop.

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PN Table

The PN table (this prototype) was designed and created observing these principles:

  • Esthetic and practical improvement with respect to the archetype picnic table
  • Minimalistic in form & material, while gaining maximum result
  • Inspiration from classic steel constructions, as in trainstations etc.

De support members are constructed of a single base form: thin steel strip, and finished in matt black. Therefore they are less present, just supporting the main function: seat and table.

This construction principle will be further developed for better production possibilities.

Price: on request.