In fact the love for metalworking and motorcycles are fused together in customization of motorcycles. Now that a lot of tools and knowledge are at my side, I can go quite far to fulfill the personal wishes of the motorcyclist. I can do the design (or together with the client) and the realization. Mild, extreme or just in-between.

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1978 Honda CB750 SOHC

Various parts custom-made for a caferacer conversion, among which:

Sheetmetal: seat and seatpan, integrated taillight
Sheetmetal: side covers frame
Exhaust mountings
Headlight brackets
Gastank modification for MotoGadget speedo and controls, wiring tunnel, filler cap
Front fork tubes shortened, new threads
Subframe made and welded to frame

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Seat unit for HD XR1200

Custom made caferacer seat + seat pan for a HD XR1200 according to foam model.

The client has very clear requirements, and delivered a foam model which has to be exactly replicated in aluminium, with a seamless fit on a custom made subframe.
It needed also a seatpan made from stainless steel to fit the foam and upholstery, finished as fine sanded, ready for paint job.

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1986 Suzuki GSXR1100 customize to caferacer-style

Modify and upgrade a Suzuki GSXR1100 from 1986 with a limited budget and a lot of re-use of existing parts:

Front fork and brake calipers replaced by a more recent UPSD including modifications
Wheels stripped and brushed/polished finish
New subframe constructed, polished stainless tubing. Higher sitting position, open construction
Electricity + batterybox under gastank, gastank shortened, clear coated.
Added standard polyester fairing, slightly modified
Handmade aluminium seat/rear end, integrated rear light
License plate bracket on rear fork
Engine upgraded to stage 3 dynokit
Installation of gauge glasses in gastank

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1986 Harley Davidson FXR restyle

(my personal bike)

modify and upgrade a HD FXR for better styling, handling and performance.
So far executed (project is still in progress):

Frontfork + brake callipers replaced by UPSD fork Yamaha R1 including modifications steering head axle
Wheels and tyres replaced by 17" Yamaha R1/6, rear fork modifications (different axle)
Modified subframe for shorter shocks and new custom made fender
Handmade aluminium rear- and front fender, based on the current poolyester one, only shorter and cleaner
Handmade stainless steel exhaust system 2in1 ending in a special stainless muffler
Handmade stainless steel handlebars on the top tree
Handmade stainless/aluminium footcontrols, mid position
Handmade smaller front fairing for a sporty look and comfort
Leather sidebag(s) from a mailman's postbag
License-plate holder on rear left fork

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Yamaha XV920 Speedking

Complete remake of Yamaha XV920 from 1987.

In Progress:

Stripping of the bike.